About Us
E&R Car & Limousine Service aims to provide the best possible transportation to all travelers in the South Florida area by providing an unequalled level of quality service that stresses safety, reliability and comfort. 

In order to achieve our mission, E&R has consistently recruited the most experienced drivers in the industry. We conduct scheduled vehicle inspections and driver training programs to ensure that each passenger travels safely and securely when using our service.
As we continue to expand our fleet, client-base and geographical boundaries, we are increasingly able to accommodate our diverse clientele with their transportation needs. Whether for business or pleasure, our around-the-clock availability, unparalleled fleet size and uncompromising airport or out-of-town services have made us not only the most widely recognized, but the most preferred car and limousine service in the south Florida area.

With the recent celebration of our 6th anniversary, the loyalty of New Clients has consistently increased each year as we adopt new and improved way to service our clients. 

Your always my first call when I need a ride anywhere, Ive used you on holidays, wekends, and even at the last minute. you come through 100% of the time, every time, and for that I am forever greatfull!"

J.P. O'Connor
Palm Beach Gardens, FL